When you don’t want to get off the couch:


That you are most likely suffering fatigue from an inadequate supply of endorphins. I have observed with great consistency that the less I do, the more tired I am. So don’t bask in your yawns, but get up and wake yourself up with some energizing exercise. Other fantastic side effects of exercise include elevated moods, diminished stress and anxiety, and increased self-esteem and confidence. So I suppose if for some reason you are particularly fond of feeling tired, irritated and worthless, then you may resume your couch nap.

That if you had the misfortune of losing your legs, or your ability to use them, most likely all you would dream of is being able to walk and run and bike again. Yes, I am attempting to use psychology and emotions to deceitfully coerce you into to leading a healthy lifestyle. Right about…. now!…you should be feeling pity and empathy for those who do not have the privilege, like you, to walk or run at their leisure. Is my plan working?

If you don’t use it, you lose it. As we age, particularly once we have crept into our mid 30s and early 40s, each year we live we lose muscle mass, thus dragging our resting metabolism down with it (rather unfair isnt it? I didnt give anyone permission to do such a horrid thing!) resulting in fat deposits. And unwanted fat deposits are certainly no fun.

That you have absolutely no reason which is sufficient enough to justify consuming the enormously-portioned bowl of pasta you are conjuring up in your mind as you listlessly lay on the couch. Should you not earn the right to that carbohydrate-loaded bowl of pasta? Because although we have many freedoms outlined, assumed and incorporated in our constitution, i don’t believe the freedom to be wasteful and gluttonous was intended to be included. I apologize, was that harsh? My aim is to simply enlighten and challenge peoples behavior, often using mildly disheartening humor.

That I could continue to list an infinite number of reasons why you should get off the couch (unless you are recovering and recuperating or have already previously been somehow physically active). Therefore, to spare your brain from having to digest and comprehend the endless benefits of physical activity, do yourself a favor and just get off the couch already! The only thing you’ve got to lose is your incessant feelings of fatigue, apathy and stress; oh, and plausibly a couple of pounds as well.

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