a summer salad

(I apologize in advance for the photo which does not represent the salad itself, but merely one if it’s vital ingredients. I must sheepishly admit that I hastily ate the salad before I was able to remember to take an artsy-fartsy foodie blog photo.)

I’m not sure if I am mocking myself in the title of this post, as I always find it rather humorous when I stumble across yet another summer salad recipe – who decided your salad was more summery than any other salad? Does it have little bites of sunshine scattered throughout? Does it smell reminiscent of sun tan lotion? Unfortunately, I think I have uncovered the rather dull answer to this ponderous puzzle – there is one ingredient which apparently silently, yet manipulatively, urges people to immediately name anything which contains it, summer this or summer that : avocado. well, that was rather anti-climatic wasn’t it? Considering you now have read my frank foreshadowing (woops, is that an oxymoron? Can you frankly foreshadow something? I think that may just be prematurely divulging….oh well.) of one of the ingredients of this summer salad. Okay, enough jargon. Let’s get to the salad.

I invite you to venture in trying to replicate this salad I recently concocted, and have thus adopted as my salad of summer 2012. I suppose I could have several salads of the summer of 2012, yet it sounds excitingly more dramatic to name it the salad of the summer of 2012. Okay, I swear, here is the recipe alas:

Here is what you must do:

Go to traders joes.
Buy a jar of their “corn and chile” ‘thing’ – for lack of a more descriptive and enticing noun to illustrate this jar of heaven.
You must also buy…
1 avocado.
1 can of corn.
1 bag of shelled, not in the pod, frozen edamame.
1 red onion.
Some strawberries. Organic is best unless you prefer to ingest pesticides, as berries most readily absorb these wonderful creations of mankind.

Strain the corn, dice the avocado finely, dice some onion, dice some strawberries really finely (release that sweet juice!), microwave (let’s not pretend to be fancy or anything) the edemame, mix in that delicious jar of “stuff” from trader joes, and voile, you have the summeriest summer salad around. Or at least it has some avocado in it. Essentially the same thing right?


Photo courtesy of : http://www.whatsgoodattraderjoes.com/2011/05/trader-joses-corn-and-chile-tomato-less.html

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