you really, really, really are what you eat. its not just an old wive’s tale.


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It is inconceivable, and actually somewhat comical, though still disheartening, that individuals today, with all their intelligence and technology, have still failed to comprehend one of the most simple facts out there. And yes, I am proclaiming this to be a fact. A fact based on scientific research. This fact is that you really are what you eat.

It may seem shocking and perplexing to some, for reasons unbeknownst to myself, that if you eat crappy, nutritionally-devoid, and highly-processed artificial foods, that your body might turn you into nutritionally-devoid crap as well. Yet this “old wive’s tale” is no tale. And this isn’t your body merely punishing you just for pure enjoyment and viewing pleasure, but it is your body doing you a selfless favor. It is your body signaling to you – in the same way as when you put your hand on a steaming hot handle of a pan your body involuntarily and reflexively pulls your hand away to prevent further injury – that you are doing something wrong and bad and dangerously-detrimental to yourself.

So what are you currently consuming that may be spurring you into a long life of illness and pain (my apologies for being brazenly and harshly frank)? And what should you immediately attempt to consume as much as humanly possible of in an effort to reverse the disgusting damage you have already sadly caused for yourself? (no, I’m not trying to be mean, I know we all have our own indulgences and sweet tooths that we try so hard to kick to the curb. But I so ver badly wish to illustrate to you that you most probably should try much harder to kick that habit to the curb. Now. As soon as possible. Ahora. Spanish anybody?) Alright, alright, ill cut the drama and get to the point.

You should be eating as much whole, raw, naturally-occurring foods as possible, and yes, they should be organic as well. And no, it will not kill you (in fact, it will prolong your untimely departure from this earth) to spend the extra 30 cents per pound on organic apples versus chemically-grown and under-nourished inorganic apples. (I apologize for quite frequently referring to apples, they are a favorite of mine, with my average daily consumption totaling to 3).

Additionally, you should disregard most, if not all, statements made by the FDA and the government and the medical industry regarding high doses of vitamins. In fact, in the documentary Food Matters, the audience learns that over the span of 23 years, there have been only 10 deaths related to vitamin supplements, whilst prescription drugs have caused hundreds of thousands (fine, you caught me, I failed to remember the exact amount of deaths due to prescription drugs, yet it was exorbitant, I promise). In fact, this documentary, along with many other scientists, nutritionists, and doctors who study nutrition and food for medicine and healing, also have found an abundance of research supporting the use of a healthy diet and nutritional supplementation (specifically, high dose) as a means of curing chronic illnesses. If you don’t want to believe me, or these scientists, that’s fine, but perhaps it will seem strange to you that these findings are not allowed to be indexed in the largest American medical database in the country, if not the world. Simply because keeping people healthy, which a truly healthy diet and vitamin supplementation does, does not make money. So instead, we get rich and sick. Hm…doesn’t sound too appealing to me. I’d rather be happy and healthy and functioning rather than stressed out and fatally-ill, yet happen to be sitting on a large mound of money.

Even if you don’t buy into all this, which you should, (…but you might not since you have been involuntarily brainwashed by big industry and government. don’t worry, I still find myself brainwashed from time to time as well. I’m no saint.) it still would be more than wise for you to abandon eating fake foods. If something was made with anything artificial, your body will treat it as the toxin it is, and your body will retaliate against you. Retaliation! In fact, you could even liken it to a civil war within your own body – your mind siding with the bag of Oreos staring at you from the pantry, and your body siding with the freshly squeezed, antioxidant-rich juice waiting to be made from the fresh fruits in your fridge. Perhaps the rationality of the healthy fruits will conquer the irrationally indulgent nature of the Oreos.

So perhaps it is time to get off your high-horse and do as your mother said – eat your fruits and veggies! Because they really are good for you! And do yourself a good deed and watch Food Matters, because if I haven’t somewhat grabbed your attention (yet, I probably have succeeded in doing so if you have reached the last paragraph of this attempt-at-being-persuasive-blog-post.), perhaps you will believe the stunningly smart and hopeful individuals featured in this documentary.

Don’t be cheap to your wallet or your body. Buy good food. Buy real food. Buy organic food. Buy fruits and vegetables and vitamins. Because then your body will be as good, and as real, and as organic and healthy as the substances you put into it.

You are what you eat, so eat what you want to be! And I suppose if you want to be fat, tired, sick and grumpy, then my work here is done, and you may unfortunately continue on your path to un-health. (is that a word?)


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