Posted in August 2012

an image of health in America

Enough said… Well, maybe not, so to be blunt – government gives lots of money for meat and dairy and processed starches. These foods become cheap to buy, and we are told they are good for us. So we eat them. Fruits and veggies are not given lots of money, and thus, they remain expensive. … Continue reading

be your own health insurance

clearly, he’s been doing something right… Photo courtesy of I have a brilliant idea. In fact, maybe I shouldn’t even divulge it to you for fear that someone else will claim its conception. Well, I suppose since I am in the business of helping others achieve health and wellness, it would be fitting to … Continue reading

because I said so.

I am too frequently asked, “why should I work out?” and whether the question is in a rhetorical context, or a devils advocate context, or simply in an ignorant and stubborn context, the answer remains the same: because it’s good for you, and because i said so. Oh, and also, because why not? Does this … Continue reading

no regrets in health

photo courtesy of After strategically convincing a client to train at 7 AM with me, rather than waiting to perhaps schedule a workout for later in the day (a workout that could easily be brushed off for the excuse of being utterly exhausted or ravenously craving dinner), this client and I came to a … Continue reading