no regrets in health


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After strategically convincing a client to train at 7 AM with me, rather than waiting to perhaps schedule a workout for later in the day (a workout that could easily be brushed off for the excuse of being utterly exhausted or ravenously craving dinner), this client and I came to a fabulously simple supposition. In fact, this cannot even be referred to as a supposition, because of the power of its truth.

Our realization : when would you regret that you chose to work out? When would you ever think to yourself, “wow, I really wish I didn’t come in and work really hard, push myself to a new level of strength and potential, and do something good for my body? Man, that was a really awful idea”. I will say with confidence that no one would ever say such a thing. Unless, perhaps, they injured themselves in the process, and thus set themselves back further. However, even if this were to unfortunately occur, such an incident would be a lesson, not a mistake or a regret.

So the next time you are indecisively debating in your mind, as you lazily lay in bed, whether you should head to the gym, or head out the door for a run, remember that the only thing you would regret is not doing it.

Don’t give in to the short-term gratification and satisfaction of feeling so sinfully comfortable on your plush mattress. Instead, realize the long-term gratification and satisfaction of having utilized your self-determination and drive (yes, it is hiding somewhere inside of you!) and motivated yourself, as a means of feeling good, and doing something incredibly good – what an understatement! – for your body.

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Remember the regret that will most certainly overcome you should you opt for laziness. And remember the regret that will surpass you should you remind yourself how accomplished and energized that workout will make you feel.

But, don’t motivate yourself with the negativity of potential regret. Motivate yourself with the positive consequences of that heart-pumping, sweat-inducing workout.

Work to feel good, not to avoid feeling bad. And you will feel good. You will feel great.

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