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I have a brilliant idea. In fact, maybe I shouldn’t even divulge it to you for fear that someone else will claim its conception. Well, I suppose since I am in the business of helping others achieve health and wellness, it would be fitting to relinquish this knowledge to the general public. Alright, here it goes…

Instead of driving up our blood pressure and anxiety as we worry and debate about health insurance programs and policies and systems, perhaps we should instead simply take care of ourselves, and consequently, the need for significant health insurance will not be as daunting a matter, and if it does become a matter of concern, at least it will be much less costly. Of course, one cannot afford to discount the simple reality that sometimes things happen, out of our control, no matter how healthy we may think we may be behaving, which will cost us money. However, in a world in which people are so motivated by the dolla-dolla bills (oh. yes, in layman’s terms, I simply mean money), it might befit these individuals to consider the long-term investment in their health, which will save much money over the long term.

Forget the short-term costs, remember the long-term investment. You invest in stocks. Why not invest in yourself? That way you won’t be cursing yourself, years from now, when you unfortunately find yourself knee-high in medical bills that could potentially have been sidestepped, simply through simple habits.

I couldn’t possibly conceive of the number of times the modern debate of organic vs. non-organic, or vegetarian vs. pescatarian vs. carnivore vs. paleo vs. whatever other dressed-up and glammed-up modern “diet” you can imagine, comes up in my daily life; or strength training vs. core training vs. endurance training vs. yoga vs. pilates vs. Crossfit vs. Zumba vs whatever other hot fitness trend you could possibly daydream up. The fact of the matter is you will live a healthier, more energetic, enjoyable life if you simply take care of your bodies, in all senses of the word. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

Eat as little processed foods as possible.
Eat organic as much as possible.
Eat animal proteins in moderation.
Eat whole foods.
Drink water, not nasty fake juice or nasty fake soda.
Exercise each day.
Exercise with variety – don’t neglect strength, don’t neglect flexibility, don’t neglect endurance.
Sleep enough.
Do something relaxing each day.
Hang out with friends and family.
Find a passion, a hobby, a love.

Sounds too simple to be true? Nope. It just really is that simple. Well, undoubtedly I could ramble for far too long and go in to much too much detail regarding the multitude of ways to live a healthy lifestyle, but for now, let’s just leave it at that.

You can be your own health insurance. Protect your health. Invest in fruits and veggies. Invest in local, organic, all-natural (just make sure it’s not a marketing scam) foods when possible. Invest in fish. Invest in a spinning class or a gym membership or a personal trainer. Invest in yourself.

Hold yourself accountable. Be your own health insurance.

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