post-thanksgiving weekend blues

As I reflect upon the disgusting gluttonous-ness known to most Americans as Thanksgiving, a day of recognition and awareness of our country’s historical roots and a day of abandonment, neglect and disregard for our body’s health, I can still feel echoes of the stomach pains and general lack of energy and nutrition which I unfortunately experienced as a result of this precious display of patriotically.

In other words, I feel hungover. From food.

And what has this led me to believe in even more passionately than before this day of nastiness? That when you fuel your body with nutritious, wholesome food, and give it some exercise, you will feel an amazing amount of natural energy, motivation, and general sense of awesome-ness.

On the unfortunate flip side, when you force-feed your body overdoses of indulgent, rich, and nutritionally-insufficient food, potentially combined with the intoxicating elixir bottled with fancy labels and referred to as alcohol, you will, to be blunt, feel like a lazy, tired, and sick fool.

Is is not proof enough that within solely 36 hours your body can do such a drastic turnout from feeling such a sense of energy, motivation, and “awesome-ness” (yes, I did use this word again to describe a sense of feeling generally great) to feeling utterly “blah”?

If we can do that much acute damage to ourselves, our health, our feelings of wellbeing, in such a short period of time, I dare you to consider the havoc can wreak on ourselves over the years.

So while I am not advocating necessarily not treating yourself to a thanksgiving feast once a year, I am advocating you to consider treating your body nicely the rest of the year.

Treat your body well, and feel well.
Treat your body poorly, and feel poorly.

What I did eat::


What I should have ate ::


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