loaded miso soup

As we (unfortunately, or at least in my mind) approach the winter season, it is often the case that one finds themselves shivering more frequently, and consequently, their body finds itself yearning for something to fill that void of warmth. And because us humans, particularly us Americans, love any chance to convince ourselves we are hungry enough to consume something that will bring delight to our taste buds, we enjoy scapegoating the cold climate for our increased appetites.

A solution to this cold weather consumption conundrum: soup! When the weather turns, my mind instantly turns to soup. It is a healthy and easy method to fill our bodies with the warmth they are craving, without overloading them with the unnecessary calories our bodies are tricking us into believing we need.

And, as I have been recently having an intense infatuation with Asian foods, I thought, why not make a miso soup that actually has a bit me sustenance than those measly miso soups they serve before your sushi rolls?

Here is the “recipe” (I don’t do anything with much measurement, specificity or strictness)::

Makes 2 heaping servings.

– 2 trader joes instant miso soup packets
– 4 cups boiling water
– as much chopped celery as you want
– as much chopped white/yellow onion as you want
– as much finely chopped spinach/romaine lettuce/other greens as you want
– as much sliced mushrooms as you want
– 2 eggs, scrambled
– some garlic powder
– some soy sauce to add more miso flavor, optional

And all you have to do is bring water to boil, add soup packets and then reduce heat to medium-low, and then add all the veggies. After the veggies have softened, slowly pour eggs in, letting them scramble and stir throughout the soup. Season. Enjoy!

It will keep you full for a long while and the soup packets are only 45 calories for 1/2 a packet, so 90 calories per serving. The only other calories come from whatever you add to it, which is barely anything considering the low calorie veggies and the protein/healthy fat rich eggs.

Happy soup-ing!


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