simple seafood cioppino pizza


When faced with the dilemma of what to spend my Saturday evening cooking, I, after much too much consideration in the aisles of Whole Foods , decided to combine two favorites into one simple and original recipe.

I absolutely love anything with a tomato-based sauce, I absolutely love seafood, and I absolutely love pizza sans cheese. Thus, the seafood cioppino pizza was born.

All you need:

– pizza dough (I bought Whole Foods’ pre-cooked dough)
– tomato sauce of choice (I used roasted garlic since I’m a garlic fiend/vampire-phobe – bad joke?)
– seafood mix of choice – shrimp, mini scallops, calamari were my picks
– oil and seasoning of choice
– greens or vegetables of choice

All you need to do:

– season seafood and cook on medium heat until shrimps are pink and calamari turn into nice circular tubes
Рsaut̩ greens/vegetables in pan on medium-low, add sauce at the end
– spread veggies/sauce on dough
– sprinkle seafood over the top
– cook at 375 until dough is crispy enough for your liking (approximately 10 mins)

And there you have it! A delicious, simple combination of two favorites, when your indecision gets the best of you – as it often does in my case.

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