protein packed pancakes!


Many of us have probably encountered this unfortunate situation at one time or another : you are craving something which satisfies your uncontrollable desire for carbs without actually really consuming any…

And many of you, being the intelligent individuals you are, have also probably come to the unfortunate realization that this is not truly possible…

However, I have found, if I may say so myself, a rather earth-shaking solution to this carb-craving conundrum. Low and behold, drum roll please…(I apologize, I can be quite the melodramatic drama queen when it comes to food.) protein pancakes!

You may still be questioning the validity of this solution for a carb-crazed person on a low-carb diet. How in fact could you possibly produce pancakes without the evil, processed and refined carbohydrates in so many flours these days?

You have a couple of options. And of course, there are drawbacks to both. This isn’t a perfect world, so while these protein pancakes are deliciously low-carb, they are not the perfect protein pancakes.

Option 1:

2 eggs, 1 pack flavored protein powder, water/milk as needed.
the breakdown:: super high in protein, super low in carbs, yet depending on your protein powder, there could be artificial flavors/sucralose. look for the most natural protein powder possible but otherwise wow! protein overload!

Option 2:

2 eggs, 1 large banana, mashed up.
the breakdown:: all natural, whole food pancakes with only natural sources of protein and carbs. carb content is higher on these due to bananas, but these carbs are high quality, with added fiber and nutrients. no scary additives!

Get creative::

Add other mashed up fruit, nuts, cinnamon, peanut butter, almond butter, oats, quinoa, to bulk these bad boys up!

I was so impressed with this recipe (and was so overwhelmed with a large supply of free protein powder samples from my gym) that I experimented with different combinations not only for breakfast, but also for my post-workout lunch. (side note: this may have also been due to the dire need to go to the grocery store, but the dire desire to avoid doing so…)

Try it out, get your artsy-fartsy creative pants on, and see what you can come up with!

Tips: The batter is thin, add more protein to thicken or less eggs. It still works fine when thin but just hard to handle so use a pan that is smaller and will shape the whole size of your pancake.


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