Easiest Italian dinner. Ever.


As I have been working quite the long days lately, as is much of the working population, the desire to spend a decent amount of time preparing a delicious and nutritious meal can be rather lacking (despite my absurd fixation with food & cooking). In fact, the desire to prepare a meal as simply and quickly as possible these days is much more desirable. As hunger – signaled by angry, growling of the stomach – and listlessness – signaled by a general sense of laziness – settle in as one comes home from work after a long day, any chance of making an extremely easy and healthy meal is quite appealing. Thus, this evening, I discovered what might now become a staple in my mid-work-week diet. Alas, the easiest Italian dinner. Ever.

This recipe requires buying frozen meatballs of some sort – I am absolutely and utterly addicted to trader knows frozen turkey meatballs since the ingredient list is rather simple and lacking scary additives. If you do not have a local trader joes, look for frozen meatballs made with the smallest ingredient list possible, with a high protein content, low carb content, and a low-moderate fat content (trader joes’ have 4 g per 2 big meatballs).


– frozen turkey meatballs (preferably trader joes!) – I used five.
– can of diced tomatoes
– dash of olive oil
– dash of garlic herb seasoning
– one cup (or more or less!) spinach/arugula/mixed greens


– heat diced tomatoes and their sauce in medium saucepan, with olive oil and seasoning.
– microwave (usually not a proponent but just do so on a limited basis!) frozen meatballs
– sprinkle in spinach/arugula/greens
– optional :: sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top

Done. Seriously. That’s it. Maybe takes 7 minutes, not even to make. Amazingly delicious and simple and healthy! High in protein, low in carbs, perfect dose of fat! And super low in calories for you weight watchers.

There you have it! Easiest Italian dinner. Ever.

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