new favorite protein bar


If you are a dedicated fan of the fit(ness) foodie, you are already aware of my unwavering commitment to an as-unprocessed-as-possible diet. A diet rich in real foods, whole foods, that grow in the ground, and have a natural expiration date – as opposed to holding their original overly-manufactured form for years on the shelf (cough, yuck).

Thus, I am always on the hunt for new, natural foods that are simple and convenient for busy people (I know all of you are chaotically running around all day, yet thankfully you take the time to read my harsh-reality blog posts to try to live a healthier life). I have been an advocate of Lara bars for quite some time now, yet my level of advocacy has exploded exponentially as of this morning.

This morning, I stumbled upon – and proceeded to scarf down with surprising speed – a new type of Lara bar, the ALT bar. The ALT bar is Lara’s newest creation, an all natural, minimally processed, real foods bar with a higher level of protein than their standard bars. While their standard bars are amazing sources of natural fats and carbohydrates, now the ingredient list remains just as simple and real, yet with more protein! Mmm protein! Lara decided to use pea protein, a natural and real source of protein, to account for us fitness fiends whose bodies and tired muscles might require a little bit more of this important macronutrient. This is an amazing feat, as most protein bars on the market use sources of soy or dairy, which unfortunately in our current food industry, are often quite toxic to our bodies due to poor processing methods.

Now us fitness freaks can rest easily, feeding our muscles the protein they need without worrying that we are simultaneously intoxicating our body with unnatural and processed sources of so-called “food”.

Thank you Lara Bar for introducing a perfect food for fitness lovers and real food lover’s around the country.

Oh, and did I mention they are absolutely, deliciously satisfying?

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