About The Fit[ness] Foodie Freak




[just some motivation from the fit[ness] foodie herself! awesome stairs in La Mesa, CA.]

I never played sports when I was growing up, but I wanted to feel good about myself. I wanted to feel as though I had a passion, a calling, or simply, a hobbie. Whilst friends joined various extracurricular clubs and teams, I didn’t want to let another day pass by where I did not do something I truly enjoyed. Plus, it also helped that I grew up in a town where being thin and beautiful was as important as the amount of AP classes you were taking in order to attempt to get into the most prestigious university possible. Consequently, I joined a gym, and over time, the chore of staying fit became a hobbie, and that hobbie became a passion. When the pressure of staying as skinny as humanly possible wore off, I re-discovered my love for food, and ditched my bad habit of eating leancuisine dinners and snacking solely on fat free cereal.


[one of my favorite cardio + strengthening moves = knee drive with weight throw down. burns the legs, pumps the heart.]


Thus, my infatuation with fitness and food was born. Thank god it was not one or the other.

When I embarked upon the inevitable journey for a job, I began to examine the structure of the workplace. And it was nothing I wanted to involve myself with. Not because I had no career aspirations, not because I did not have self determination or motivation, and not because I did not enjoy being academically stimulated and mentally challenged. In fact, I crave all of that. And I wanted it. But I saw an unnecessary conflict that existed in the workplace.


[trail biking in Oregon]

It was as if one could not enjoy their daily life, whilst maintaining a career. It seemed as if there could be no balance. And most importantly, it appeared that work was at odds with maintaining a heathy and happy lifestyle. But I knew that this certainly did not have to be the case. If I strive to be a successful business woman, but I also enjoy being able to live a lifestyle of fitness and good nutrition, there is no reason why one (health) must sacrifice one for the other (work).


[train with me!]

Thus, I became determined to spread health and happiness to others, by bringing light to the fact that health is simple. Anyone can make time for health. So I strive to bring time efficient fitness and health to the time crunched workers of the corporate world. Whether I get you sweating in merely ten minutes, or I educate you on the easiest and simplest foods to bring to work, I strive to reveal the simplicity of health. I strive to do so in order to help people achieve personal health and happiness, and in turn, work-life balance and success. Because there is no reason you can’t have one or the other.

Life is short, so give yourself the time to actually live. I knew I abhorred the thought of locking myself up in a dark, desolate cubicle all day, wasting my youth, my energy and my passions. Thus, for those who endure the hardships of the corporate world, I wish to make this often chaotic, corporate world a better one. To infuse the workplace with life, energy, enthusiasm, passion, zest, health and happiness. Because there is always time for health. And there is always time for happiness. So let me bring your life back to life. Make time for health. With FITTIME.

[another hike in Torrey Pines, California.]

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