FIT.TIME :: the details

So you know the philosophy behind FIT.TIME now, but what does this really look like? What am I signing up for? You’re signing up for work-life balance, personal success, business success, your health, your energy and your life. You’re signing up for health made simple. You are making time for health.


FIT.TALK :: sweat, learn and lunch. The most productive lunch hour you’ve ever had. Or breakfast. Or snack break. 

FIT.TIME :: fitting fitness into your workday. Before, during or after. Inside, outside, at your desk, wherever.

FIT.MEET :: work out while you work, with fitness meetings. multitasking at its finest. another sly, and oh-so-productive way to sneak fitness into your workday. 

FIT.FUNCTION :: the healthiest work event you’ve ever attended. Who said a social work event has to involve drinking & eating too much? 

FIT.COACHING :: dig deep to discover what drives you, what makes you feel good, and what makes you happy in order to customize a fitness & health program for your distinct goals and interests. everyone wants to feel good & healthy, but what that might mean is different for each person. discover health, discover you. 

Full program descriptions and options below ::


A 10 week program comprised of one-hour, weekly sessions of working out, learning and eating (BYOBB – bring your own brown bag) during breakfast, lunch or that good old coffee break. Together we will get fit, get smart about healthy living, and of course, get refueled for whatever time of the day it might be.

Keeping’ it fresh – Weekly themed workouts and workshops get you fit and get you smart in a new way each week. Never the same. So much to do, and so much to learn! Thank gosh we have the time, FIT.TIME!

Environment for success – Employees will socialize, compete and learn, together, creating a contagioualy engaging environment for success in your workplace. Personal success equals business success. Competition & camaraderie are key to long-term wellness success. Program participants become a team, whose individuals compete against one another in a weekly competition relates to the previous week’s theme [Who ate the healthiest breakfast? Who did the most push ups to start their day? It’ll get funky…] and vote amongst one another, to determine who is most befitting for the title of FIT.CHAMP. Win FIT.POINTS, earn incentives & rewards toward a personal program goal. Keep tabs on your teammates and keep tabs on yourself. Accountability + social support + fun&games = success.


Simply want to give your employees, or yourself, the time for fitness in their day?

Give them FIT.TIME. Time-efficient workouts for the time-crunched and tired.

Fitness is essential to workplace wellness, as one half hour of physical activity per day has been shown to double work productivity in the last two hours of the workday!!*

Re-energize. Re-focus. Re-fuel. Workouts for work success.

  • STRESS KILLER:: 30 minutes of strength, power, flexibility and relaxation. Intervals of heart-pumping, calorie-blasting, stress-busting moves combined with active flexibility/yoga recovery to calm and re-focus the body & the brain!
  • 10 MINUTE TIME CRUNCH:: 10 minutes of hard work to get you back to work, re-focused and re-energized. For those with tight deadlines, full schedules and short attention spans (I’m only kidding!).
  • THE REAL DEAL:: No cutting corners with the real deal. The real deal requires an initial consultation to assess goals, a monthly consultation to re-evaluate goals, and your full commitment. 60 minutes of strength, power, core stability, functional training, flexibility and/or mobility, etc., all based on your goals.


You claim you are too busy to work out. If work is what is tying you up, take advantage of all that time and multitask. Work out while you work!

Instead of letting your muscles sit lazily and instead of wolfing down frappaccinos and muffins during a meeting, work out with your co-worker(s) or client(s) while getting down to business.

Sounds too chaotic for a productive meeting? FIT.MEETings can take on a variety of forms, yet all FIT.MEETings are designed to be simple enough to think & talk yet effective enough to make it worth your time.

Wall squats, lunges, planks, dips, crunches, etc. Oh, you want more? As long as you can still get through the meeting’s agenda, we can get as funky & as fancy as you wish. In the conference room, outside the office, anywhere.

Plus, physical activity enhances creativity and productivity, meaning you no longer have to endure yawn-inducing, sleep-illicitng meetings. FIT.MEETings keep your brains & bodies active, so you can get back to work with energy & focus, for work-life balance, personal success and business success.

So ditch the back-stiffening chairs, the belt-tightening bagels, and the quick-fix coffees for an active, energizing, creativity-boosting, productivity-enhancing FIT.MEET – the most efficient way to work.

* business can often be confidential, and thus, confidentiality is included (along with health & wellness & productivity & work-like balance & the list goes on…) *


Instead of rewarding your employees’ hard work with waist-enlarging, hangover-inducing cocktails & hors d’oeuvres, let them relax, unwind and socialize with co-workers whilst being healthy – how productive! Killing two birds with one stone – health & fun!

Whether it’s purely an after-work beach bootcamp, an on-site healthy catered dinner and presentation (health&wellness related, of course!), a relaxing yoga class or a competitive fitness-relay competition, the options are endless, the fun is endless, and the health is endless. You work together, why not work out together?

Give your employees health, not hangovers.

Healthy mixers, healthy employees, healthy business.


You struggle to be healthy because you can’t seem to find the motivation, you can’t seem to make health & fitness anything but a chore, a laboring, daunting, boring task.

But health is simple. Its a matter of feeling good. But that might not mean mindlessly slaving away on the treadmill or doing bicep curls in a stuffy, unpleasant gym, or eating bland and tasteless lean cuisines in an attempt (a poor one!) to maintain good nutrition.

So let FIT.COACHING help you discover what drives you, what health truly means to you, what fitness you might truly enjoy, what nutritious foods might satisfy you, and overall, what you need to stay healthy, to stay fit, and to stay happy. Because health is about more than weight loss. It’s about feeling good.

Do you want to sweat? Feel strong and powerful? Look lean? Gain energy? Eat whole foods? Beat stress? Relax and stretch? Dance and go crazy? Have some quality “me” time? Simply want to feel as though you burned as many calories as possible?

So let’s dig down deep, discover that drive, what will keep you going, what you will enjoy, and customize a health & fitness program just for you.

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