FIT.TIME :: an overview

FIT.TIME :: a corporate wellness & fitness solution for the time-crunched, the tired, the already-fit or the fitness newbies.

FIT.TIME :: making time for health. because health really is that simple.

Convenience & flexibility :: 

  • You are busy. You need to work. But no one should sacrifice health for work. You shouldn’t have to sit in a chair all day. FIT.TIME gives you work-life balance. No sacrifices. Time efficient. Effective. Simple. So you can get moving and keep moving.
  • Whether it’s a personal  FIT.TIME workout during your work day, a FIT.TALK with fellow employees for a pre-work breakfast or a lunch time workshop, a FIT.MEETing with a client or co-worker to multitask by working out while working, or a FIT.FUNCTION to socialize without the cocktails & calories, FIT.TIME makes time for health in your day, because health really is that simple.
  • Pick a time, pick a place, pick a work out — 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, no matter the time, I’ll still kick your butt and boost your energy. Outside, inside your office, at your desk, on the floor, in the air (just kidding…), wherever you like. Want to sweat, relax, build strength, burn calories, increase flexibility, de-stress, re-focus or just do something to make you feel good? Whatever the reason, I have a targeted program just for you.

Simplicity of health ::

  • Like everyone else, you will ask, why should I work out? Well…
  • One – because it is good for you. And makes you feel good.
  • Two – because I said so. (think along the lines of mother telling her child to eat her veggies because she said so, and because it’s good for you.)
  • Three – why NOT? Find me one rational reason not to work out. No time? Who isnt? Plenty of people manage to work out and work. Yes, you do have the time, you take 10 minutes to mindlessly check emails or Facebook or to text friends throughout the day. Take 10 minutes to get off your chair instead. Lazy? Exactly. Work out and you won’t be – instant energy boost. Those little endorphins people talk about aren’t a myth.

Personal success equals business success::

  • Invest in the employee, invest in your business. Increasing physical activity by 1/2 hour each day doubles productivity in last two hours of work day, according to NASA.

FIT.TIME :: making fitness work for you. At work. For work. For you.

FIT.TIME :: making time for health. because health really is that simple. 

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