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just one more bite

photo courtesy of exploringthemind.com Disclaimer : easier said than done. This is what we imprudently convince ourselves each time we, yet again, reach our fingertips toward that plate of French fries or bowl of tortilla chips. We gaze longingly at the tantalizing culinary delights that stand before us, attempting to refuse the enveloping scent which … Continue reading

stress is the new black

– look at those lazy people, de-stressed on the beach. How dare they! Stress is so hot right now. Did you know Americans have willingly accepted stress as an innate part of daily life? According to USAToday, stress is the new shadow of America, literally – it stalks us every hour, every minute, and every … Continue reading

skewed skewers and screw drivers

You may be inclined to wonder whether or not I have made innumerable idiotic typos in the title of my article, but I am proud to inform you that this is not the case. I indeed am referring to skewers (food), referring to screw drivers (alcohol), and most importantly, referring to skewed priorities all in … Continue reading