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healthy(er) peanut butter & jelly breakfast – PB&B

Instead of using highly processed bread and high-fructose corn syrup injected jelly from the store – grab some freshly baked whole grain, seeded bread from a local bakery, all natural peanut butter, and fresh BERRIES to replace that nasty wonder bread and smucker’s jelly. This breakfast will keep you full, keep you healthy and keep … Continue reading

breakfast for champions : quinoa

I got sick of oatmeal. And I got sick of the incessant hunger which seemed to strike despite my incessant consumption of cereal. Even the allegedly “healthy”, protein and fiber packed, “natural” cereals. Which by the way undergo an extremely unnerving processing process (details of which I will haunt you with at a later point … Continue reading

because I said so.

I am too frequently asked, “why should I work out?” and whether the question is in a rhetorical context, or a devils advocate context, or simply in an ignorant and stubborn context, the answer remains the same: because it’s good for you, and because i said so. Oh, and also, because why not? Does this … Continue reading

twinkies and broccoli, trust and belief.

photo courtesy of holistictriathlete.worspress.com What would convince someone to abandon their comfortable life of couch-sitting, processed foods, and stress? Whilst individuals today may be aware of the fact that they are engaging in a lifestyle which is dangerously detrimental to their health on a multitude of levels, this awareness does not translate to action. So … Continue reading


This would be funny if it wasn’t reality. Frustrations of a fat world Alright, alright, so I’m not frustrated with the overwhelmingly large number which appears on many individuals’ scales today, but rather, I am frustrated with the lack of respect and concern for ones health. I am not frustrated with the fact that many … Continue reading

a summer salad

(I apologize in advance for the photo which does not represent the salad itself, but merely one if it’s vital ingredients. I must sheepishly admit that I hastily ate the salad before I was able to remember to take an artsy-fartsy foodie blog photo.) I’m not sure if I am mocking myself in the title … Continue reading


When you don’t want to get off the couch: Remember…. That you are most likely suffering fatigue from an inadequate supply of endorphins. I have observed with great consistency that the less I do, the more tired I am. So don’t bask in your yawns, but get up and wake yourself up with some energizing … Continue reading

just one more bite

photo courtesy of exploringthemind.com Disclaimer : easier said than done. This is what we imprudently convince ourselves each time we, yet again, reach our fingertips toward that plate of French fries or bowl of tortilla chips. We gaze longingly at the tantalizing culinary delights that stand before us, attempting to refuse the enveloping scent which … Continue reading

stress is the new black

– look at those lazy people, de-stressed on the beach. How dare they! Stress is so hot right now. Did you know Americans have willingly accepted stress as an innate part of daily life? According to USAToday, stress is the new shadow of America, literally – it stalks us every hour, every minute, and every … Continue reading