Why choose FIT.TIME?

Corporate wellness doesn’t have to be complex and time-consuming:

  • Simple, convenient, flexible, customizable :: Why choose a corporate wellness program that will detract from your bottom line? FIT.TIME is completely customizable, enabling you to mix and match program offerings to take baby steps toward a comprehensive wellness program. Start small, start with achievable goals, and let your program grow as your employees continue to grow and succeed. Simple programs, simple results. 

Corporate wellness doesn’t have to be an impersonal, one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter nonsense program.

  • Personalized, small-scale, social :: why choose a corporate wellness program that treats each employee simply like a number on a spreadsheet? While FIT.TIME accommodates large companies, the individual is what matters. FIT.TIME utilizes social support of intimate settings to inject a larger group with the same energy, personality and camaraderie necessary for success. This keeps everyone accountable – working together, working out together, succeeding together.

Corporate wellness doesn’t have to be just education or just engagement. 

  • Combining education with action :: to stimulate the brains & the bodies. Simply telling someone why they should do something won’t translate into action. And simply making someone do something without explanation won’t motivate them to continue. FIT.TIME realizes people need both education and action – you will learn and you will do. For long term success. For a lifestyle of health & wellness.

Corporate wellness shouldnt be a band-aid program of piece-meal shortcuts and quick fixes.

  • Lasting, lifestyle changes for long-term, holisitic health & success :: telling someone to stop smoking, but letting them continue to remain sedentary and eat potato chips for lunch will not foster success for the individual or the business. Why even bother to implement such a program if it’s not targeting the whole problem? FIT.TIMEs combination of programs enables you to achieve health on all levels, so you’re money and your time is not wasted. Add consistency and accountability to your wellness initiatives.

Corporate wellness doesn’t have to ignore small businesses.

  • Comprehensive wellness programs can scare small business in terms of costs, commitment, difficulty calculating return on investment (ROI) and other feasibility factors. FIT.TIME recognizes that wellness programs are often more necessary for smaller businesses – as absenteeism significantly cuts productivity when simply one key personnel misses a couple days of work, not to mention the  damper this outs on office morale, as others struggle to pick up the slack. Plus, hiring and training a new employee is especially grueling, in terms of time and money, for small businesses, so why not offer benefits that will keep those employees around, decreasing employee turnover? Wellness can help small business move forward, so you can more effectively utilize your manpower & resources. FIT.TIME makes wellness affordable and feasible for small businesses too.

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