Corporate Health, Fitness & Wellness

Health is simple. Health is important. Yet so is work. And despite your jam-packed work agenda, which is draining you of energy, and of life, we all have time for health. You just haven’t realized it yet. There is no need to sacrifice one for the other. There can and there should be balance.

Corporate health, fitness & wellness, with FIT.TIME, is about making time for health. Because health really is that simple.

Not convinced that health is important? Health = productivity, work-life balance, energy, focus, stress management, personal happiness, personal success = business success & results.

A healthy employee is a happy employee. A happy employee is a productive employee. A productive employee is a valuable employee. Invest in your employee. Invest in your business.

But while health is simple, what health means differs for each individual. Being healthy means feeling good, but feeling good could mean relieving stress, gaining energy, losing weight, burning fat, building muscle, feeling powerful, relaxing and stretching, eating as healthy as possible, etc. FIT.TIMEs programs are designed to help others discover what health means to them, and to help them find the time to do so.

My mission is to bring your life back to life (and lucky for you, in doing so, you will bring even greater life to your business).  I am determined to bring health, happiness and passion into the lives of the corporate world. To enable the individual employee, the employer, and the business, to become the best they can be. To reach one’s potential. To reach one’s self. To reach health. To reach balance. To reach success. 

Fortunately, health is simple, and you can make time for it. And even more fortunate, a simple reality is becoming more widely understood – humans are more productive in the workplace when given time to do what makes them feel good and healthy. But this is merely one piece of health and wellness in the workplace.

So what can a corporate wellness program do for your company? Let me make this simple; oh wait, it already is simple! Corporate wellness programs, specifically those designed by the fitness foodie freak herself, are invaluable for the following reasons:

Reasons which the employer will be most interested in, or is probably already aware of:

– increased productivity

– increased employee retention

– decreased health care costs

– decreased absenteeism

Reasons which the employer should be most interested in (because these are the cause of the aforementioned):

– increased office morale, camaraderie, team work

– decreased stress, anxiety and other inhibiting mental health issues

– increased happiness, and feeling of purpose and passion, of employees

– improved energy, mood, self-esteem and confidence

– and of course, increased physical health and level of fitness/decrease in chronic disease

So what could possibly be so superior to the success of your business and your employees that would make you feel as though your employees were not worth investing in? A successful business will invest in its clients, who drive business. Must we forget the other half of the equation? We must also invest in the employees, the employees who enable the business to grow.

FIT.TIME :: making time for health, because health really is that simple.

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