the mini workday workout

I’m not going to beat around the bush – Americans today are not moving enough and eating way too much. But lets be fair, it’s not entirely our fault. The way society has evolved has pushed us into a sedentary lifestyle, chained to a corporate cubicle, whilst sending us into sensory-overload with a bloated social media and advertising industry that incessantly tempts us with deliciously dangerous food and drinks. On the other hand, lets take some ownership here, there are many people who have fought this way of life, and are able to subscribe to a lifestyle of exercise and a healthy diet despite maintaining a killer career. So what is stopping the rest of the population from following suit? Laziness breeds laziness. And excuses breed more excuses. I am here to show you that there is no excuse for laziness, as squeezing a mini workout into your workday is more than possible. And not only that, it is extremely beneficial and effective.

The good news: all you need is your bodyweight.
The not-as-good news: you’re going to have to work hard. And of your own volition.

Mini Workday Workout #1:

20-30 minutes – 1 minute work : 1 minute active recovery.

HIIT= work extremely hard to get heart rate as high as you can. fast, explosive
AR = slow work to let heart rate drop back down

Warm up: (repeat twice, no breaks)
10 squats
12 alternating forward lunges
Plank for 30 seconds

Workout: (repeat as many times as you have time for! But at least 2 times for a 20 minute workout!)

1 minute mini squat jumps/hops – start in squat, tiny jump and land back in squat (HIIT)
1 minute squats (AR)

1 minute burpees (HIIT)
1 minute plank (AR)

1 minute scissor lunges – jumping lunges, switching which leg is forward and back (HIIT)
1 minute forward lunges – switch legs half way (AR)

1 minute touch-ground squat jumps – touch ground, jump as high as possible, land in squat (HIIT)
1 minute single leg squats – switch legs half way (AR)

1 minute reverse burpees – lay down and explode up from ground in one big jump (HIIT)
1 minute side lunges – switch legs half way (AR)

Full body workout to maximize calorie burn and fat loss while building lean muscle mass, in the quickest amount of time possible. To enable you to both work and workout.

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