do something everyday


one step at a time. small steps. every. single. day.

One of the most commonly pondered questions is how to get fit or lose weight quick.

Well, fortunately, the answer is quite simple and quick itself.

Consistency :: Do something everyday.

To get fit, and to get healthy, you have to think fit. You have to think healthy. Only until this becomes a part of who you want to be, will it become a part of who you will be.

Fake it to make it :: convince yourself that you are enjoy eating healthy, you enjoy an active lifestyle, and that making healthy choices is a part of your every day lifestyle, it’s a part of you, it’s your identity. Eventually it will become natural.

Practice makes perfect, right? So why not apply this not only to doing things, but the way we think about things as well?

Easier said than done. So how do we turn this practice into reality?

Do something healthy everyday. Start small. For one week, choose to do one of the following::

– as many push ups as you can each morning
– as many crunches/ab exercise as you can before bed
– stretch before going to sleep each night
– replace one unhealthy treat of yours with something healthy – comment on the post and ask me if you need ideas
– substitute teas/water/natural juices for sugary, fattening coffee drinks
– eliminate one processed food item from your diet (cereal, chips, store-bought cookies, etc.)
– running, walking or taking the dog for a long walk for 30 mins each day

Don’t jump in head over heels :: you won’t be as successful if you attempt to make overzealous, big changes over night, such as “I’m going to start eating healthy tomorrow”. It’s too vague, and you have no measurable way to go about doing so in a systematic way that will give you small steps toward achievable goals.

Always start small. Always start with something realistic. Then you’ll realize how a bunch of small changes can lead to a monumental change in lifestyle.

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