healthy(er) fried rice


Asian food always seems to be unnecessarily drenched in oil and grease, when it appears that such dishes could most certainly be prepared in a less gluttonous way.

I go through phases of craving certain peculiar and specific food dishes, and the other evening, I had an intense and unable-to-be-ignored desire for fried rice. And I thought to myself, if the ingredients are so simple, then why must this dish be regarded as such an overly-indulgent meal, when in reality, I don’t think anyone need feel guilty about consuming some grains, veggies and a dash of oil.

Thus, the healthy(er) fried rice was born. Out of craving and creativity (or simply out of the ability to pour less oil into a pan and choose a healthier grain…)


– cook brown rice
– sauté onions and frozen peas in a pan in a bit of oil.
– after onions and peas have cooked enough, add seasoned shrimp to pan.
– add rice to mixture.
– add chopped green onions and grated/shredded carrot
– add in, 1/2 tablespoon at a time of peanut oil (or other oil if you don’t have it) until its just coated enough – you control how fat or skinny you wish the dish to be!
– add in enough soy sauce for your liking
– optional – if you have rice vinegar, add a tablespoon or two.
– stir it all up and enjoy!

You can add or subtract whatever vegetables or proteins you like to this dish, but the rice must be brown, and the oil must be limited, and the only other necessary seasoning is the soy sauce.

See, fried rice doesn’t have to be evil – we all need carbs, we all need veggies, we all need protein, and we all need a little bit of fat.

Just don’t eat every serving it makes…leave some for your friends!

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