my food commandments


i know, you’ve all heard it before. diets are bad. so you’re probably about to stop reading this post. but, i haven’t addressed the issue of diets before, except for the importance of NOT cutting out carbs. so it is time, ladies and gentleman, to let you in on my feelings regarding diets and food.

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my food commandments::

one, i like food.

two, i really like food.

three, everyone should really like food too.

four, one should be able to really like food and eat food without feeling guilty.

five, one should eat when they are hungry.

six, one should savor their food, slowly enjoying it until it is gone. sadly.

seven, one should stop eating when they are no longer hungry.

eight, one should never call their diet, a diet. a diet is comprised of your eating habits, not a predetermined plan to restrict your food happiness.

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nine, if you need to lose weight, its simply about calories in vs. calories out. be more active and stick to the food basics – cut out the unnecessary indulgences.

ten, carbs are your friend. they give you energy, and energy = life.

eleven, moderation. don’t cut out, and don’t binge. eat half of a cookie if it will get you through the rest of your day of healthy eating. or, work in reverse – eat as healthpossible so you have a reward (ah hem, a small reward) patiently awaiting you after dinner.

twelve, don’t obsess. being healthy is simple. a positive, balanced mindset and lifestyle. it is not something you must plan down to every single, last calorie. unlesssss numbers work for you. which leads me to…

thirteen, do what works for you. if you need to count calories, fine. if you need to plan, plan. if that seems too obsessive, don’t. health comes from achievable and realistic happiness.

fourteen, eat everything. by this i don’t mean stuff every single thing into your mouth that you see…eat with variety. don’t just eat meat and veggies. don’t do some weird fruit diet. listen to your body and eat what it wants, a little bit at a time.

fifteen, you really are what you eat. i feel greasy when i eat fries. i feel happy and energized when i eat a salad. my skin glows when i don’t drink alcohol. my skin is tight and dry when i do have a couple margaritas. be in tune with your body. learn that your body will reflect what you put into it.

sixteen, eat local, natural and organic whenever possible. better for you and the planet. win-win situation!

seventeen, i could go on forever. but i wont. unless you comment and ask a question – in which case i will further saturate you with more food commandments.

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